Writing is my best escape from analysis paralysis.

Aksh Gupta


I’m Aksh, currently an undergraduate student majoring in Information Technology, based in Delhi, India.

I am a student, Developer and an avid OSS contributor, always on the lookout for new and interesting projects to contribute to. You can check out some of my own awesome projects at my GitHub profile linked above (I mean, who doesn’t find their own projects awesome!). I’m always trying to explore new stuff and constantly looking for tech that excites me.

Okay, I’m not a nerd from head to toe. I absolutely love listening to music, and playing the drums is my favorite thing in the world. Sports are my love, cricket and football being on top. And who doesn’t like surfing the Internet and YouTube!?

I’ve always loved writing, be it articles or stories. As you might have guessed by the tag-line, I write these posts when I’m caught in the vicious spells of overthinking almost everything to death. Yes, I’ll tell you it’s pretty bad if you haven’t experienced it yourself. Writing not only helps me Escape from the heated moments, but is a great way to express myself and share my experiences/knowledge.

Hope you enjoy! Drop a Hi at my linked social medias for a small dialogue or feedback!